Why You Should Swim With Humpback Whales

Only a small percentage of people can swim in the open sea. You need a lot of skill to swim in the ocean’s current. Ordinary swimmers are unable to control themselves in a rough sea. This is why you should not swim with humpback whales unless you are an expert. Anyone can swim with humpback whales in the ocean. Humpback whales are very large ocean dwelling mammals. A single adult humpback whale weighs about three to four tons. This is as heavy as four to five trucks. They are among the largest animals on earth. A humpback whale is fifty to sixty meters in length from head to tail. It has a flat horizontal tail that acts as a rudder. A single whip of its tail can displace four to five hundred kilograms of water. This is why it is so risky swimming with a humpback whale. Humpback whales were once hunted to dangerous levels. Their populations have rebounded after whale hunting has been banned. It has taken several decades for their dwindling populations to recover to former levels.

Conservation efforts:

Conservation efforts around the world have helped restore the popularity of humpback whales. Many people are fond of swimming with humpback whales. Their popularity has increased significantly over the past few years. Humpback whales can be recognised from a distance. They are large and elegant creatures that swim at a slow pace. Their bodies are grey to blue in colour. The dorsal side of their body is very dark and can be observed while swimming with them. The ventral side of a humpback whale’s body is white to olive in colour.

Buying the required swimwear:

Today, people from all over the world swim with humpback whales in Australia. This has been made possible with the advent of new technology. Whales can now be located from a distance. This helps to track them with great accuracy. They can even be tracked using satellites. A tracker is placed on the whale for this reason. The tracker is very small in size and does not bother the whale. This has helped to make whale watching into a blossoming business. This also helps to conserve the wild population of whales. The conservation efforts to help curb whaling have borne fruit.

Many people pay to swim with humpback whales these days. Humpback whales are gentle giants that feed on small animals. They feed small animals such as krill and other crustaceans. They also feed on plankton and can consume large amounts of it every day. A single whale can eat three to four million small prawns everyday. They need to consume that much plankton to power their bodies. You can observe a whale feeding if you swim with it during the day.

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