Destination Wedding, A Unique Way Of Starting A New Life

The trend of destination wedding is spread like a fire. People are more towards arranging the wedding event in villages, beaches, A rented house away from the city, highway, etc. The intention is to stay from work and other hectic series of issues which we face in our daily routine, and hence, it effects the mood and we can not fully enjoy the functions of wedding as it is supposed to enjoy. The destination wedding gives a relaxation time and infinite moments to enjoy the event and make memories along with the mesmerizing scenery views with family and friends.

E-habla offers numerous packages which includes small trips and tours as well as long tours for holidays. We are specialized in offering wedding packages on different island and honeymoon packages for couples. We want you to make your dream possible by planning a destination wedding at beaches. Wedding on beaches is kind of small holidays with friends and family in which you enjoy the all the activities that takes place around.

If you have chosen Fiji, then we have two special places offers for you:

  • Likuliku lagoon resort wedding packages
  • Matangi island wedding packages

Benefits of Choosing Island for Wedding:

As we all know, a marriage is a lifetime experience for all the couples and everyone wants their big day to be a perfect, special and memorable. There are a lot of benefits of choosing island as a destination wedding, a few of them are mentioned below.

  1. Accommodation:

We offer you a high-class accommodation, the resorts are highly equipped and has all the basic and necessary facilities available within the range of hands. The rooms have wireless wifi, DVD player, audio player, Tv, private pool (so you can enjoy with your partner without any interruption) a breath-taking view of sunrise and sunset from the balcony which each resort has, AC to have a pleasant temperature and a comfortable huge bed to take rest.

  1. Activities:

Islands offers numerous activities to all the visitors. Especially when you have sufficient time to stay there to enjoy each and every bit of the island that it offers.

  1. Snorkeling:

The most famous activity that we can do in island in snorkeling. It is not necessary to know swimming for snorkeling, exploring the life of underwater features is an ultimate experience and when we do it with family, it doubles the excitement.

  1. Kayaking:

It is another water sport in which 2 persons sit together and explore the sea on your own.

  • Stand-up Paddle Boarding:

If you are a water sport lover, adventurous and ready to take the challenge of nature then stand up paddle boarding is an ultimate experience for you.

In a nut-shell, a wedding on island in not only memorable for the couple who are getting  married but for all those who are attending the wedding as it is a lifetime experience for everyone.